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2015 Parents' Evaluation
Calling all Parents: Please let us know how your child's experience was during camp this summer. Follow this link, 2015 EVALUATION to complete the form on-line or download it below to mail it. We greatly appreciate your feedback.

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Nancy Maclean, Camp Director

Dear Friends of Asto Wamah,
     Fall has arrived and the special place we call "camp" is blanketed in leaves. It is not only a beautiful time of year in Columbia, but also a quiet and peaceful time following the exciting, energy-filled months that came before...continue reading

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Camp Updates
Dear Wamah Friends,

Now that October is here, I trust you are settled into whatever the fall brings you, probably a new grade in school. My hope is that all things are going smoothly and you are enjoying life.

A month ago I promised you pictures of the rafts positioned in their winter locations. Well, I am finally delivering. You can see the Asto Wamah waterfront with the Gray Raft tied to the Pollywog Dock, where the White Raft is nestled beside Little Dipper Dock and the beginnings of leaf cover on paths throughout camp. At this time of year it is always amazing to watch the thinning of the woods. It is a very peaceful place. No laughing or chatter. No slapping the tetherball or hitting the Knock Hockey puck. The only sounds to break the quiet come from the frequent thuds, bangs, and pings of the acorns hitting the ground, a cabin roof or a rowboat (they are resting where the canoes usually do).

The picture I have presented may sound sleepy and lifeless but there is actually lots going on. Most recently there has been a push to control erosion (an age old issue). After the forecasted extended rain event, we will see how well we did. Some buildings are being prepared for paint. And there are always the routine fall maintenance projects.

A main focus right now is to determine the dates and fees for the 2016 season. All of that information will be communicated via the website. Additionally, a postcard will be sent in November to every interested family. If you know of a friend who might enjoy a stay at Asto Wamah next summer, you can send me his/her mailing information and they will receive that mailing. You can always use the “contact” link on the www.campastowamah.org website to communicate with me.

By now I imagine you have seen the awesome video (found on the website) that Sweeney put together and Taylor narrates. It provides a tour of Asto Wamah with amazing detail that we never had before. The hope is that you will share ‘your’ Camp with relatives and friends so more people can be aware of this amazing summer opportunity.

Wishing you a happy October,